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"Going on 10 years now, rockers The Flesh Hammers have been playing some raunchy rock & roll and having a good time doing it. They play to the lowest common denominator, but do it with style and flare....Lead singer Blackie Crabtree grew up in LA, and used to play the Whiskey and the Troubadour, now his band plays like a campy version of the pristine LA hard rock scene, much like if someone hired Roger Corman to produce the next Batman blockbuster. The elements are all the same, but style is everything."

Aaron Carnes - San Jose Metro


“Since it’s impossible to know what it means when a band is referred to as “punk"—the term now being applied to pop idols like Good Charlotte—it might be better to say that the Flesh Hammers play guitar-heavy rock that is direct, loud and (usually) fast. They are a band in the tradition of ‘70s groups like the Stooges and the Dead Boys. In other words, this is not your daughter’s punk rock.”

Tim Prentiss - Reno News and Review


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