About Us

The History

The band was formed in 2003 by bassist Blackie Crabtree who moved from Los Angeles (where he played numerous clubs on the Sunset Strip) to Reno Nevada. The first two albums by The Flesh Hammers, RIDING DIRTY in 2005 and SATAN ON THE DASH in 2009 (which was recorded at Rodent Records and released on the San Francisco label Wondertaker Records) were released before guitarist Paula Campbell (from Chicago & San Francisco) joined the band. Since then the band's 3rd album BULLSEYE was released 2013, their 4th album FASTEST BAND IN THE WEST...LIVE! was released 2015 and the newest album CINCO released August 2018. 


The band has played well over 300 shows in many places from small towns to large cities! They are a featured band in the indie documentary rock n’ roll movie, Music Driven (released 2017, Tabrizi Productions), which premiered in cities across the United States as well as were featured performers at the 2014 Las Vegas Music Summit and 2015 Offbeat Festival in Reno, Nevada. The band has also played with and opened for many iconic rock and punk bands.

Current Line-Up

The band is currently based (as of 2018) in the Northern California bay area. 

Blackie Crabtree - Bass/Vox

Paula Campbell - Guitar/Vox

Devin Lara - Drums